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Online Marketing & Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We ensure your site appears on the top UK and International Search engines and directories on the World Wide Web. 

Our approach to search engine marketing and placement is as follows:

1. Look at your overall objectives. What is the site trying to achieve.

2. Check what your keywords should be. Define keywords according to how relevant they are for your site and how popular these keywords are in searches.

3. Optimise your site so it is search engine friendly. This includes advice on content, text links, heading and meta tags

4. Submit your site to the relevant search engines. There may be hundreds of search engines out there but the vast majority of traffic comes from a select few search engines. We ensure your site is optimised for and submitted to the relevant engines.

5. See how your site is ranked on the key search engines. We can easily produce reports for your site for various keywords and even compare against your competitors.

6. Recommend and implement an appropriate Pay Per Click (PPC) strategy for your site. These are targeted keyword campaigns where you get a priority listing with a search engine and you only pay each time a user clicks onto your site from the listing. Pay Per Click is becoming popular due to its success at driving targeted traffic to websites. We can implement a cost effective campaign where we can monitor the effectiveness of your pay per click campaign and tune it appropriately so you getting the maximum level of click throughs from the search engines.

We are running several successful pay per click advertising campaigns for clients. These targeted campaigns are a very cost effective way to increase your sales through internet advertising

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